WreckED Program

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has developed a teen-oriented substance abuse prevention education presentation to teach teens (15-19 years old) about the realities and consequences of substance use. WreckED encourages teens to think more introspectively about their own and their friends’ behavior regarding alcohol and other drugs, and to consider the associated consequences of getting involved. In addition to getting attendees to take a closer look at themselves, the presentation will also motivate them to be proactive in “looking out” for their friends who may be engaging in unhealthy behaviors. 


Program Components

The wreckED program is a community-based presentation designed to engage youth in a discussion about alcohol and other drug use and abuse through three major components:  1) an engaging, narrated 10-minute video dimensionalizing the current drug and alcohol scene in the youth world;  2) a facilitated discussion among presentation attendees about various issues generated by the video (to help stimulate the discussion, the facilitator will be provided with an innovative, interactive card game and a collection of real-life drug scenarios and additional drug-specific educational slides in video format);  3) a “call-to-action” destination - an online resource where attendees can visit to learn more, keep the discussion going, access a host of additional tools and resources, and network with peers to virally spread the word about the program and the issues it addresses. 


Download the facilitator's guide for your group or classroom.